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196 ° impact test cryogenic tank

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Detailed Description

Functional use

This series of impact test cryogenic tanks of Jinan test machine factory are special auxiliary refrigeration equipment for low temperature impact test. The cascade compressor is used for refrigeration. The imported high-reliability compressor is used. Single-chip microcomputer control, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, and automatic alarm. The temperature control accuracy is high, the cooling speed is fast, and the volume is large. , Easy to operate. It fully meets the various temperature control indicators required by the national standard GB / T229-2007 "Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method" for low temperature devices, and is an ideal sample cooling and heat preservation equipment for low temperature impact tests on metal materials.

Technical Parameters






temperature range

(Continuously adjustable setting)

Room temperature--30 ℃

Room temperature--60 ℃

Room temperature--80 ℃

Room temperature--100 ℃

Temperature control accuracy

< ± 0.5 ℃

Cold room volume (mm)

120 × 120 × 80

Number of samples

More than 60, up to 120 standard samples

Cooling medium

Ethanol or other antifreeze

Power (KW)




Updated: 2011-10-12

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