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JB-W300CYZ microcomputer controlled low temperature automatic impact tester (fully enclosed protective net)

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Detailed Description

I. Equipment Name: Jinan Testing Machine Factory Microcomputer Controlled Low-temperature Full-automatic Impact Testing Machine II. Model: JB-W300CYZ
Performance description:
The impact tester is used to test the impact resistance of metal materials at low temperatures. It is an indispensable testing instrument for metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, and other units, and it is also an indispensable testing instrument for scientific research institutions to conduct research on new materials.
1. The machine adopts PLC control, and the pendulum, hanging pendulum, feeding, positioning, impact and temperature adjustment settings are all electrical and mechanical control. Equipped with a special feeding device for automatic feeding and automatic end face positioning of the sample. The time from the sample to the impact is not more than 2 seconds, which meets the requirements of the low-temperature Charpy impact test method for metals. After impacting the sample, the remaining energy can be used to automatically swing and prepare for the next test, and the work efficiency is high;
2. The main engine adopts double support columns, the main shaft is simply supported by beam support and hanging pendulum. The radial load distribution of the bearing is reasonable, which effectively reduces the main shaft deformation and greatly reduces the energy loss caused by bearing friction.
3. Double-stage standard geared motor lifting hammer for smooth operation;
4. The pendulum device adopts hydraulic buffering, which makes the pendulum stable.
5. The accurate design of the pendulum three-dimensional software guarantees an accurate strike center and accurate pendulum torque;
6. The impact knife is fixed by screws, which is easy to replace.
8. The host is equipped with safety protection pins and equipped with safety protection nets to ensure the safety of the test;
9. The testing machine complies with the national standard GB / T3803-2002 "Inspection of Pendulum Impact Tester", and performs impact tests on metal materials according to the national standard GB / T229-2007 "Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method".
Fourth, the main technical indicators:
1. Impact energy: 300J
2. Pre-lifting angle of pendulum: 150 °
3. The distance from the center of the swing axis to the impact point: 800mm
4. Impact speed: 5.24m / s
5. Span of sample support: 40 + 0.2mm
6. Round corner of jaw: R1.25mm
7. Round corner of impact blade: R2.25mm,
8. Inclination angle of specimen support surface: 0 °
9. Impact knife angle: 30 °
10. Thickness of impact knife: 16mm
11. Impact constant: 300J 160.7695Nm;
12. The two seats of the sample should be on the same plane.
13. Refrigeration method: compressor refrigeration
14. Sample box capacity: 20
15. Low temperature range: 0—60 ℃
16. Temperature control accuracy: fluctuation ± 0.5 ℃, gradient 1 ℃
17. Sample size: 10 × (10, 7.5, 5) × 55mm
18. Dimensions: 1600 mm × 850 mm × 1530 mm
19. Net weight of test machine: 850Kg
20. Power supply: AC three-phase 380V ± 10% 50HZ 5A
21. Environmental conditions: No corrosive medium, no vibration, no strong electromagnetic field.

Updated: 2017-3-3

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