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WAW-2000C series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

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Detailed Description

The main purpose:
Jinan gold test machine uses hydraulic pressure to apply test force, and the computer controls the test process, and the test data is accurate and reliable. It is mainly used for tensile, compression, bending, and shear tests of metal materials, which meets the requirements of GB / T228-2010 "Room tensile test methods for metal materials at room temperature", and can also be used for compression tests of non-metal materials such as cement and concrete. Adding attachments can complete the mechanical performance test of steel pipes, webbing, chains, wire ropes, weldments, fasteners and components.
Widely used in military industry, shipbuilding, metallurgy, petroleum, mining, automobile, machinery, transportation, electric power, construction industry, building materials, scientific research units, colleges, quality inspection centers and commodity inspection departments. It is an ideal testing machine required by industries such as production, scientific research and teaching.
Its design basis is the standard: GB / T3159-2008 "Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine".
Structural features:
1. The test machine uses a four-post, double-screw, low-station, large-space high-rigidity host structure. The beams are lifted using a disc motor worm gear and worm structure, which has stable transmission, high geometric accuracy, no deformation, durable and reliable.
2. The oil cylinder adopts the hydrostatic oil film gap sealing technology, which has the lowest friction, stable and accurate indication, and high repeatability.
3. Full-automatic sample clamping, hydraulic clamping. It adopts heavy-duty large-size jaw and made of alloy steel, which is firm, safe and durable.
4. It adopts computer control and manual control dual control mode. The servo valve is dedicated to the testing machine. It has high control precision, stable and reliable, low noise, no oil pollution, reasonable structure and convenient operation.
5. Integrated cabinet control oil source, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance.
6. Fully digitally designed measurement and control system to achieve high-precision, wide-range measurement. Three closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system to achieve full digital three-closed-loop control of force, deformation, and displacement. Each control mode can be automatically smoothed without impact. Switch.

7. Microcomputer control the whole test process, which can control and maintain the rate of test force, deformation and displacement. And it has the functions of low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle and displacement cycle.
8. All-Chinese expert test software on Windows platform. The standard configuration includes the national standard GB / T228-2010, GB7314-2005 and other test methods. Nearly 100 standard test methods for metals and non-metals are pre-installed. Special test methods can be customized according to user requirements;
9. The computer measurement display system dynamically displays the load value, displacement value, deformation value, test speed and test force-time, test force-deformation, deformation-time, force-displacement test curve in real-time and dynamic. Horizontal or vertical movement, real-time high-speed sampling; test results and test curves can be automatically saved and printed
10. Automatically obtain conventional data such as tensile strength, yield strength, fracture strength, elastic modulus, prescribed non-proportional elongation strength RP0.2, etc. The control and data processing of the test process fully comply with the national standard requirements of corresponding materials.
Automatic calibration of load and deformation, automatic impact-free conversion of test range, automatic storage of data and result processing, dynamic display of data and curves, simple software operation, friendly interface, detailed and convenient test steps, more suitable for teaching and engineering testing;
The test data is managed in a database, and all test data and curves are automatically saved. The built-in report manager allows users to customize the report format and print test reports as required;
Keep data interface for easy networking and communication;
14, the test process has force value, displacement overload protection, automatic shutdown when the limit is exceeded, thereby making the machine safer and more convenient during use.
Its design basis is the standard: GB / T3159-2008 "Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine".

Updated: 2017-1-4

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