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WDW-10E / 20E / 30E electronic universal testing machine (1-3 tons)

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Detailed Description

Jinan Trial Products Overview:

The electronic universal testing machine adopts a single-space door structure, which is stretched, compressed and bent in the lower space. The main part of the universal testing machine consists of two guide posts, two ball screws, an upper beam, a middle beam, and a working table. The Japanese Panasonic AC servo motor with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance drives the ball screw pair through the synchronous toothed belt reduction system. Assistive device) to move up and down to achieve loading and unloading of the sample. This structure guarantees sufficient rigidity of the frame, and realizes efficient and stable transmission. The main parts of the main machine are processed in the machining center to ensure the accuracy of the main machine of the test machine. Ball screws are E5 grade.

Technical Parameters:

Technical name WDW-10E WDW-20E WDW-30E
(kN) Test force (kN) 10 20 30
Test force measurement range 0.4 %~100% 0.4% ~ 100% of maximum test force
Test force accuracy Better than ± 1 % of the trial value
Test force resolution 200000 yards
Gage distance of extended gauge (mm) 50
Deformation measurement maximum (mm) 10
Deformation measurement range (mm) 2% ~ 100% of maximum deformation
Relative error of deformation indication Better than ± 1 % of the trial value
Relative error of displacement indication Better than ± 1 % of the trial value
(mm) Displacement resolution (mm) 0.001
(mm/min) Adjustment range of displacement rate (mm / min) ,无级调速 0.005 ~ 500 , stepless speed regulation
Relative error of displacement rate indication Better than ± 1 % of the trial value
(mm) Host dimensions (mm) 686 × 525 × 1880
(mm) Test space width (mm) 370
(mm) Stretching stroke (mm) 800
(mm) Compression stroke (mm) 800
(mm) Beam travel (mm) 1200
(kg) Host weight (kg) 250
Host power 0.75kW, AC220V ± 10%
working environment 10℃ 35℃, 湿度 20% 80% 10 ℃ 35 ℃ at room temperature , 20% 80% humidity

The standard configuration:

Host AC servo motor and system
1 set
Reduction system
1 set
Software and measurement and control system
1 set
Ball screw pair
2 sets
Load sensor
YYU-10 / 50
Photoelectric encoder
2000 lines
Lenovo brand current mainstream configuration
1 set
HP (A4, inkjet printer)
1 set
Computer table
1 piece
Stretch with flat jaw
0mm ~ 7mm
1 set
Stretch with round jaw
Φ9mm ~ Φ14mm
1 set
Compression aid
Pressure plate diameter Φ120
1 set
Bending aid
Span 280mm, diameter of support roller and pressure roller Φ10mm
1 set
Random tool
1 set
random document
1 set
Special accessories (to be ordered separately)
Flat jaw 7mm ~ 14mm Round jaw Φ4mm ~ Φ9mm
1 set


1.AC servo driver and AC servo motor, stable and reliable performance, with over-current, over-voltage, over-speed, overload and other protection devices. Speed ratio can reach 1: 100000;

2.Has protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, upper and lower limit of displacement, and emergency stop;

3. The electrical control circuit is based on international standards and meets the national test machine electrical standards. It has strong anti-interference ability, which ensures the stability of the controller and the accuracy of the experimental data.

Updated: 2012-12-24

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