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MRS-10W microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo four-ball friction tester

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Detailed Description

The main purpose:
Jinan Trial MRS-10W microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo four-ball friction tester is mainly used in the form of sliding friction to evaluate the bearing capacity of lubricants under extremely high point contact pressure conditions. Includes three indicators, such as maximum non-seizure load PB, sintering load PD, and comprehensive wear value ZMZ. The machine can also do long-term anti-wear test of lubricant, measure friction coefficient, record friction force and temperature curve. The machine is equipped with a high-precision measuring device, which can measure the size of the wear spot of the friction pair, or realize the computer screen display, measurement and recording of the wear pair of the friction pair.

Applicable standards:
GB / T12583-98 Method for determination of extreme pressure performance of lubricants (four-ball machine method)
GB3142-82 Lubricant carrying capacity determination method (four-ball method)
SH / T0189-92 Lubricating oil abrasion resistance measurement method (four-ball machine method)
SH / T0202-92 Method for determination of extreme pressure performance of grease (four-ball machine method)
SH / T0204-92 Lubricating grease anti-wear performance measurement method (four-ball machine method)

Technical Parameters:

Serial number
project name
Technical index
Test force range (steplessly adjustable)
60N ~ 10kN
Relative error of test force indication
± 1%
Maintain the indication error when the test force is long
± 1% FS
Friction test range
0 ~ 300N
Friction test error
± 3%
Spindle speed range (steplessly adjustable)
10 ~ 2000r / min
Spindle speed error
± 5 r / min
Friction pair temperature control range
Room temperature ~ 150 C
Temperature control error of friction pair
± 2 C
Test time control range
1 second to 999 hours
Spindle speed control range
1 ~ 99999999 revolutions
Test steel ball

Updated: 2012-5-18

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