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Microcomputer controlled horizontal tensile testing machine

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Detailed Description

Jinan gold test microcomputer controlled horizontal tensile testing machine is suitable for tensile testing of wire materials such as steel wire, steel rope, wire, cable, optical fiber, optical cable, anchor chain, etc., and automatically obtains the maximum test force value, tensile strength and elongation Rate and other parameters, and the test report curve can be printed at any time.

According to the standard:
1. Manufactured in accordance with GB / T2611 "General Technical Conditions for Testing Machines" and GB / T 16491 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine" standards;
2. Verification and acceptance according to GB / T12160 "Specifications for Extensometers for Uniaxial Tests" and GB / T16825 "Examination of Tensile Testing Machines".
3. Applicable standards: Applicable to ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS, BS and other international standards.

Performance characteristics:
1. Parts and components, using internationally renowned brands, Japanese Panasonic servo system, Shiba load sensor, photoelectric control encoder and so on.
2. The arc tooth synchronous reduction system has the advantages of high efficiency, long life, low noise and maintenance-free. Using pure digital phase-locked loop position pulse control mode, no zero drift and no offset.
3. High-precision imported ball screw is used for loading, the loading is stable, the test machine has a long life, long-term stability and energy saving.
4. Multiple protection measures. Such as: various electrical protection of power link, overload of software part, over-displacement protection, mechanical mandatory safety limit protection, etc.
5. Simple, reliable and powerful user interface.
6, open data structure, whether it is result parameters or process data allows users to call randomly, which is very beneficial to scientific research and teaching.
7. User self-editing report function. The data can be easily imported into an Excel table, which is convenient for users to process later.

Working conditions:
1. Power supply: AC220V
2. Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
3. Relative humidity: ≤80%
4. The working environment should be clean, without corrosive media, without obvious sources of vibration and electromagnetic interference, and with a reliable ground wire.

Technical Parameters

Testing machine model








Maximum load ( kN )








Test speed ( mm / min )

500250 0.01-500 ( 250 )

Load accuracy

±0.5% )以内 Within ± 1% ( ± 0.5% ) of the displayed value

Speed accuracy

±0.15% )以内 Within ± 0.5% ( ± 0.15% ) of the displayed value

Testing machine host structure

Four-column composite beam and structural beam

Tensile test stroke ( mm )

(按户需要求) 1500 ~ 20000 (according to household requirements)

Motor power ( kW )

1.5 ~ 5.0


basic configuration:

、试验机主机1 1、1 test machine host

、轮辐式负荷传感器1 2.Single spoke load sensor

、高精度滚珠丝杠1 3 , 1 high-precision ball screw

、松下电机及伺服系统1 4.One Panasonic motor and servo system

、试验机测量及控制系统1 5.Testing machine measurement and control system 1 set

、联想品牌计算机1 7.One Lenovo brand computer
HP打印机18.One HP printer

、专业试验软件1 9.One set of professional test software

、专用试验夹具1套可以根据需要特殊制做。 10. One set of special test fixtures can be made according to requirements.

Updated: 2012-1-10

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