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WAW-D series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine

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Detailed Description

The main purpose
Jinan Trial WAW-D series microcomputer screen display control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine is mainly used for testing mechanical properties of metal materials such as tensile, compression and bending. Adding simple accessories can be used for cement, concrete, brick, tile, rubber And its products.
This machine is composed of a four-column double-screw oil cylinder-mounted high-strength host and a piano-type oil source control cabinet. The oil pump uses a low-noise and high-performance gear pump imported from Italy. The tensile space is located above the main unit, and the compression and bending tests are located below the main unit, that is, between the middle beam and the table. The adjustment of the test space is realized by moving the middle beam, and the middle beam is lifted by a chain drive. The computer fully-automatic closed-loop control high-performance electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve completes the tensile, compression, bending and other tests on various materials. After the test is completed, the material's FM, REH, REL, RPO.2, RP1, RM, and elastic modulus E are automatically taken.
1.The special ultra-thick jaw holder completely clamps the jaw inside the jaw holder when clamping the specimen in the jaw, which makes the specimen clamping more reliable, which eliminates the possibility of horn-like deformation and damage due to the shallow jaw seat. Increased equipment life.
2.Added abrasion-resistant liner between the jaw base and the jaw clamp plate to prevent the oxide scale from falling during the metal stretching process, which will cause the jaw base to be scratched, making the clamping process smoother and the addition more reliable.
3. Equipped with a variety of control methods such as constant velocity stress, constant velocity strain, constant velocity displacement, stretching control, program editor, etc., various control modes can be switched smoothly and arbitrarily during the experiment.
4. The measurement and control software is based on the Chinese windowsXP operating system platform. It has fast running speed, mild interface, menu prompts, mouse operation, multiple sample information input modes, and can meet the testing needs of different materials. For samples with the same conditions, you can automatically generate batches at one time, and you can also create condition templates.
5. After the test is completed automatically, the sample information, test data, and test curve are automatically stored.
6. Automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the test force or material deformation to ensure the accuracy of test data measurement.
7. The test data (test force, displacement, deformation) loading state and test curve are displayed on the screen in real time dynamically with the test process.
8. According to the actual needs, stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time and other curves can be selected for display, analysis and printing.
9. With automatic and manual modes to analyze the test results, only the mouse can be used to find the relevant corresponding points of the test results on the test curve.
10. Users can edit standard text report format or EXCEL text report format according to actual needs
11. Automatic overload protection shutdown when the load exceeds 2% -5% of full scale
12, can automatically query all relevant historical records according to sample conditions, test date and test data and other conditions
13. The software reserves the database interface, which is convenient for local area networking between laboratories and experimental data management.
Technical Parameters:
Product number
Host structure
Four-column double-screw cylinder under-mounted high-strength host structure
Test force
600 kN
1000 kN
2000 kN
Testing machine level
Level 1 / 0.5
Test force measurement range
2% -100% FS
Relative error of test force indication
≦ ± 1% of indicated value
Force resolution
Deformation measuring device
Electronic extensometer
Deformation indication
Relative error
≦ ± 0.5% of indicated value
Displacement measuring device
Photoelectric encoder
Displacement indication
Relative error
≦ ± 1% / ± 0.5% of indicated value
Displacement resolution
Piston moving speed
0.2-70 (mm / min) stepless speed regulation
Beam adjustment speed
120 (mm / min)
Piston stroke
control method
Three closed-loop control and programming control
Effective stretching space
Effective compression space
Distance between columns
Clamping method
Hydraulic automatic clamping
Round specimen clamping diameter
Flat specimen clamping thickness
Flat specimen clamping width
Upper and lower platen size
204 * 204mm
Bend roller distance
600 mm
Bending roll width
Safety protection device
Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection
Host dimensions (mm)
945 × 654 × 2186
945 × 654 × 2186
1010 × 7500 × 2225
1200 × 1050 × 2860
1100 × 770 × 2685
Host power
Oil source control cabinet dimensions (mm)
960 × 630 × 900
960 × 630 × 900
960 × 630 × 900
960 × 630 × 900
960 × 630 × 900
Control cabinet power
1.5 KW
1.5 KW
2.2 KW
3 KW
5 KW
Host weight

Updated: 2011-10-12

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