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Digital display tensile testing machine

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Detailed Description

Digital display electronic tensile testing machine is mainly used:
This series of Jinan gold test tensile testing machine is suitable for tensile testing of rubber, plastics, textiles, waterproof materials, wires and cables, net ropes, metal wires, metal rods, metal plates and other materials. Additional accessories can be used for tightening and bending experiments. . With experimental force digital display, the experimental speed is continuously adjustable, the sample automatically stops when the sample is broken, and the peak persistence and other functions.
Functions and features:
1. Using a high-precision, all-digital speed regulation system and a fine reducer to drive the fine screw pair to stop the experiment and complete a large-scale conditioning of the experiment speed. The experiment process has low noise and stable operation.
2. The universal joint adopts the cross pin structure, and has the function of limiting the swing angle. On the one hand, it is convenient to clamp the sample and ensure the concentricity of the experiment. On the other hand, it can effectively eliminate the influence of the irregular sample on the sensor.
3. Touch key operation mode, the LCD display appears in real time. The display interface can display the experiment method selection interface, the experiment parameter selection interface, the experiment operation and result display interface, and the curve display interface, which is convenient and quick.
4. It can adjust the speed of the beam when the sample is clamped, and it has maintenance and installation such as overcurrent, overpressure, and overload. .
5, optional microcomputer interface, can be connected to a computer to complete the experimental process control and data storage, printing.

product name
Digital display electronic universal testing machine
Product number
structure type
One-arm structure
Test force (N)
Test Force Level
0.5 grade
Test force measurement range
2%-100% FS
Relative error of test force indication
≤ ± 1% of indicated value
Force resolution
Displacement measuring device
Photoelectric encoder
Relative error of displacement indication
≤ ± 1% of indicated value
Displacement resolution (mm)
Adjustment range of displacement rate (mm / min)
1-500 stepless speed regulation
Safety protection device
Mechanical limit protection and software overload protection
Effective stretching space (mm)
Stretching fixture
Matching according to materials
Host dimensions (mm)
420 × 280 × 1580
Host power
0.3KW / AC220V ± 10%
Host weight (KG)

Updated: 2011-10-11

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