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Two methods of displacement calibration

Calibration of displacement:
1. Option 1:
Encoder pulse: multiply the corresponding pulse parameter by 4 and fill it in.
One rotation of the encoder is equivalent to: if the encoder is fixed on the screw, one rotation of the encoder is equivalent to the screw pushing the pressure plate (or beam) to move the displacement equivalent to the screw pitch. Fill in the wire here Distance away.

2. Option 2:
If the calibration cannot be completed normally in Mode 1, this mode can be used:
①. Clear the displacement to zero.
②. Move the pressure plate (or beam) to make it move a certain distance. Use a caliper (or other measuring tools) to measure the actual movement distance of the pressure plate (or beam). For example, the actual measurement is 100mm, but the software displays 105mm; fill in the corresponding value and click the "Apply" button to complete the calibration.

Updated: 2019-12-27
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