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Related data of hardware tools torque detection equipment

The development of gold tools torque detection equipment welcomes new machines, and the prospects are good. Recently, hardware tools torque testing equipment ushered in a new opportunity, many manufacturers call to inquire related equipment. Hardware tool torque testing equipment is a high-quality torque testing equipment of Jinan New Times Trial Instrument Co., Ltd. It is multi-purpose and can also be used for slotted screwdriver test, ratchet wrench test, T-slide rod test, 60,000 wrench test, and live-wrench test. , Universal joint torsion test, Torx wrench torsion test, Double-headed wrench torsion test, Pipe wrench torsion test, T-sleeve torsion test.

Hardware tool torque detection equipment has its unique product characteristics:

High precision, high stability, high resolution; upper and lower limit values can be set, with sound and light alarm device; torque direction recognition; various peak hold; power and power display and low battery reminder

Today we will share the relevant data of hardware tool torque detection equipment.

Hardware tool torque testing equipment is used to test the torsional strength of various wrenches, and can also perform various parts, wrenches torsion test mechanism parts torsional strength test. Add corresponding accessories can also perform torsional tests on parts and components.

Hardware tool torque testing equipment parameters:

1. Maximum test torque: LY10Nm, 20Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm

2. Accuracy level: 0.5 level

3. Torque measurement range: 1% -100%

4. Minimum torque reading: 0.01Nm 0.1Nm

5. Relative error of torque indication: ± 1%

6. Minimum reading of twist angle: 0.1 °

7. Maximum twist angle: 99999 °

8. Sample size: 0.1-200mm

9. Maximum distance between chucks: 200mm

10. Test rotation direction: two-way

11. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

12. Host size: about 950 * 350 * 370mm

Updated: 2019-12-23
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