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How to operate a bending tester?

In the test, the upper part of the cross section of the test material when it is bent is the compressive zone, and the bottom is the tensile zone. Taking a rectangular homogeneous section as an example, the strength of the outer edge of the compressed and tensile zone is called bending strength. It is proportional to the bending moment and inversely proportional to the section modulus.
Bending test machine operation steps:
1. The lever of the bending mechanism is turned to the limit on the left-hand side (as opposed to the black knob). This action releases the cylindrical tank. Place the required cylinder into the slot, insert the test piece vertically between the cylinder and the pressure roller shaft (the coating faces the curved column), and advance between the next clamping device. The clamping unit can be adjusted, but the clamping device should not be fully locked during this period. Pull the black knob, slide the inserted test piece with the clamping unit through the guide roller, so that its position is facing the round shaft. Then fully lock the black knob to ensure that the clamping unit and test board are fixed in this position.
2. Rotate the screw on the bending rod, the pressure roller acts on the test piece, and the round shaft is below. Turn the bending rod until it reaches the limit position on the right-hand side of the instrument. This movement will cause the test piece to bend around the selected circular axis.
3. The bending process needs to be performed in a stable movement, the time is 1 ~ 2 seconds.
Jinan New Times Trial Instrument Co., Ltd. electro-hydraulic servo bending tester adopts a frame structure and is integrally cast. It consists of a 2000kN vertical oil cylinder and two horizontal oil cylinders. Two servo control methods are adopted, one for vertical cylinders and one for horizontal cylinders. The closed-loop servo control system composed of electrical controller, servo valve, load sensor, displacement sensor, and computer can automatically control the test process, and simultaneously draw various curves such as force-angle, force-displacement, angle-displacement, etc. .

Updated: 2019-12-18
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