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Geotextile testing machine specifications

The main specifications of the geotextile testing machine are 10KN, 20KN, 50KN. The geotextile testing machine can complete the stretching of the geotextile and the strip (220mm, 120mm). Geogrid tensile test.
[Related standards]: GB / T15788, GB / T13763, JTG E50-2006, BS6906.1, GB / T16989, GB / T14800, GB / T1040, SL / T235, ASTM D4595, GB / T17640
【Related standards】:
JTG E50-2006 "Experimental Regulations for Highway Engineering Geosynthetics"
GB / T 15788-2005 "Extension test method for geotextiles and related products"
GB / T 16989-1997 "Tensile test method for wide strips of geotextile joints / joints"
GB / T 14800-1993 "Test method for bursting strength of geotextiles" (equivalent to ASTM D 3787) GB / T 13763-1992 "Test method for tearing strength of geotextiles in trapezoidal method"
GB / T 1040-1992 "Test method for tensile properties of plastics"
ASTM D4595-1986 "Extension Test Method for Wide Strips of Geotextiles and Related Products"
BS 6906.1-1987 "Extension test method for wide strips of geotextiles and related products"
GB / T 17640-1998 Geosynthetic filament woven geotextile

Updated: 2019-12-16
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