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Applicability of tensile machine fixture

Before I talked about the characteristics of the fixture of the tensile machine and the preferred method, today I will introduce the applicability of the fixture of the tensile machine.

1. How to determine whether the tensile machine fixture is applicable:

It is difficult to determine the applicability of the tensile machine fixture. Due to the special structure of the tensile machine fixture, sometimes it is difficult for us to determine whether it is more suitable for that kind of sample.

The following points are for reference:

a. Whether the clamp is convenient and safe to use.

b. Whether the clamp is usable without slipping.

c. During the test, the sample break point is good. The data is less discrete. (That is, the specimen is constantly jaw, inside the jaw, parallel section or outside the gauge distance)

2. How to choose the tension machine fixture is mainly considered from the following aspects:

a. Select the main fixture according to the maximum test force of the host. The maximum force that the fixture can withstand must be greater than or equal to the maximum test force of the host.

b. Select some secondary fixtures according to non-standard configuration or extended configuration. (For example: the extended configuration sensor is 10kN, and the maximum test force that the selected secondary fixture can withstand is also 10kN.)

c. Select fixtures based on customer samples. (For example: customer provided sample shape, maximum test force, etc.)

d. What kind of fixture is recommended for customers. (For example: rope samples less than 1mm in diameter, including steel wires, iron wires, thin wires, etc. You should clearly tell the customer that this sample can only be wound with a clamping method, but the sample elongation error is large).

Updated: 2019-12-9
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