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Features of pressure blasting test machine

The pressure blasting tester is mainly used for pressure, blasting, and leak testing of heat exchangers such as heaters, coolers, evaporators, and condensers. Water injection and pre-pressurization are used before pressure blasting. It can effectively detect the burst pressure value and pressure strength of the pipe. This equipment is completely made according to national standards. Compared with traditional equipment, this equipment has the characteristics of high degree of automation, accurate reading, accurate calculation and explosion-proof. Can choose computer control or manual control mode. The pressure test site is monitored by a camera in real time, which can realize the characteristics of an unmanned pressure test site pressure blast test machine:
1. Can set up multiple pressure holding tests. There is almost no part movement during pressure holding, no energy consumption, no heat generation, and stable system performance.
2. The test time can be counted down automatically when the pressure is maintained in stages.
3. The entire piping system uses non-welded connections, which can be used repeatedly and easily disassembled.
4. With power-down additional function, you can continue the test only after calling up the last test after power-on.
5. Record the water consumption and display the water curve in real time.
1. The equipment should be placed in a special room. Ventilation facilities and fire-fighting equipment should be provided in the room, and there should be eye-catching warning signs such as "high-voltage danger" and "free entry for idlers";
2. Formulate appropriate safety operation procedures. Operators strictly follow the operation procedures. Supervisors should be present at the operation site.
3. During the pressure test test, the operator must pay attention to the pressure rise of the pressure gauge and the leakage of each connection. If a problem is found, the test should be stopped immediately and the pressure should be released;
4. After the test is completed, the pressure must be released before the test workpiece is disassembled;
5. Strictly control the working pressure, and cannot exceed the allowable working pressure;
6. This machine cannot be turned upside down during transportation or moving.
Maintenance of pressure blasting test machine:
1. The operators of this equipment must receive corresponding training and be familiar with the working principle, operating procedures and daily maintenance of the equipment;
2. The accumulated water in the air filter should be discharged at any time;
3. The gas medium used in this system must be kept clean, and the screen in the pipeline filter must be cleaned regularly;
4. As the vibration of the pressure blasting test machine during transportation may cause the connections of various pipelines or valves to become loose, it is necessary to closely observe each joint for leaks caused by looseness when the equipment is used for the first time after each transportation. And take corresponding measures to deal with;
5. Always keep the equipment clean and hygienic;
6. Prevent high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water, etc. from entering the machine;
7. Regular inspection to maintain the integrity of parts and components;
8. Place the fixture joints in a dry and clean place;
9. Ensure that the driving air is clean and dry gas to prevent damage to the seals and check valves of the booster pump of the pressure-resistant burst test machine.

Updated: 2019-12-6
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