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Our company promises after sales

Service commitment Our company solemnly promises to provide high-quality and perfect after-sales service in accordance with the following terms:
1. The warranty period is three years after the final acceptance. During the warranty period, various faults caused by the equipment itself or defects should be provided by our free technical service and repair;
2. After the product equipment is in place, our company sends professional technical personnel (certified engineers) to the site for free online commissioning to deal with all problems that occur during the installation and commissioning of the equipment;
3. After the equipment is installed and debugged, our company can assist the user to send the test to the local metrological verification department for equipment verification;
4. Our company provides free training for equipment operators and maintenance personnel in operation essentials, maintenance knowledge and mechanical and electrical principles, and the training time enables operators and maintenance personnel to achieve independent operation levels;
5. Our company implements "Three Guarantees for Quality" products, with a three-year warranty and lifetime service. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for failures due to defects in design, manufacturing, workmanship or materials, and repair and replace defective parts or the entire machine free of charge. After the quality guarantee period expires, the cost of hardware replacement will be charged, and the computer software will be upgraded for free for life;
6. Set up 16 offices in Shenyang, Changchun, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Taiyuan, Wuhan, and other key cities. When receiving the user's failure information, the company will respond within 1 hour and provide a solution within 8 hours. If the failure cannot be resolved by telephone fax or email, the company will send a professional maintenance engineer to the on-site maintenance service within 24 hours. .
7. Shandong after-sales service address and contact phone number Zhang Xiaojie 15253132037 Zhao Hongtian 13153122677
Out of warranty
1. Our company adopts the after-sales service system that combines regular return visits and telephone consultation at any time, and strives to find and solve the difficulties and problems in the use of users in a timely manner, and provide technical consultation for users;
2. Our company is responsible for providing users with free measurement testing technical consulting services;
3. Our company provides equipment warranty service for users for life at cost price;
4. Our company has a spare parts library, which is responsible for providing users with spare parts at a cost price for life;
5. Our company is responsible for providing users with lifetime value-added services such as technology upgrades and transformations at preferential prices.

Updated: 2019-11-27
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