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Operation steps of Vicat softening point tester

Vicat softening point tester can be used to determine the thermal deformation temperature and Vicat softening temperature of various plastics, rubber and other thermoplastic materials. It is widely used in the production, research and teaching of plastic raw materials and products. This series of testing machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable quality, and has the function of exhausting oily odor pollution and cooling.
Vicat softening point tester adopts computer control technology and WINDOWS Chinese (English) interface, automatically measures and controls temperature and deformation, draws test curves in real time, automatically obtains test results, stores historical data, and prints out test reports. This machine is currently an advanced domestic model, welcomed by new and old users. The instrument complies with the requirements of GB1633, GB1634 and other standards.
Vicat softening point testing machine is controlled by computer, which can display temperature, deformation and other data in real time, draw curves, and indicate the current test status of each channel. It can perform three-way data comparison, zoom in, zoom out, and local observation of the curve After the scheme is set, the test can be completed automatically and a test report can be given. LCD display, can display the test temperature, can set the upper limit temperature, can automatically record the test temperature. When the temperature reaches the upper limit, heating can be automatically stopped.
Vicat softening point tester is equipped with a sample protection device to prevent the sample from tilting or shifting during the test and causing the test to fail. When the temperature is calibrated, the cabinet is closed to avoid the generation of smoke to the room when the temperature is high, and it is equipped with a special calibration thermometer insertion device, which is convenient and accurate for calibration. Direct-read displacement correction, short correction time, accurate and convenient. Thermal deformation centering device to ensure accurate stakeout. Automatically calculate test parameters and add weights.
Weika softening point testing machine experimental steps, install pressure needle or indenter. Turn on the power, press the power button, and the power indicator is on. Place the specimen and perform load calculation and loading. Set the heating rate and upper temperature limit. After the dial indicator is zeroed, turn on the stirring motor to heat the medium evenly, and then start the test. When you need to restart or reset the parameters, press the "Reset" key. During the experiment, when the sample reaches the specified amount of deformation, record the data. Remove the sample immediately after the test to prevent the sample from melting or falling into the media box. Query the test data and calculate its average. Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃. Deformation range: 0-1㎜. Deformation accuracy: 0.01㎜. Electric displacement zero adjustment. Automatic acquisition of experimental data. Built-in printer. Load range: 0.75N-50N. Test span: 60-120㎜ continuously adjustable.
The principle of Vicat softening point tester, the heat resistance of a polymer, usually refers to its ability to maintain its physical and mechanical properties when the temperature increases. The heat-resistant temperature of a polymer material refers to the temperature when it reaches a certain deformation value under a certain load. The temperature at which deformation occurs is often referred to as the softening point TS of the plastic. Because different test methods have their own parameters selected, the physical meaning of the softening point is not as clear as the glass transition temperature. The Vicat heat resistance and Martin heat resistance and heat distortion temperature test methods are commonly used to test the heat resistance of plastics. The test results of different methods have no quantitative relationship with each other, and they can be used for relative comparison of different plastics.

Updated: 2019-11-25
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