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What are the operating procedures and test requirements of the impact tester?

Impact tester is used to check the resistance of metal materials to impact under dynamic load. It is an indispensable testing instrument for metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other units. It is also an indispensable testing instrument for scientific research institutions to conduct new material research. The impact tester is also a universal impact tester currently used in the market. Next, our technicians will share with you the operating rules and test requirements of the impact tester.

What are the operating procedures and test requirements of the impact tester?

I. Operation rules of impact testing machine

1. After unpacking and cleaning, move the testing machine to a pre-made foundation, adjust the level of the machine base to within 0.2 / 1000 with a spirit level, and tighten the anchor screws.

2. Check whether all parts are intact and the rotating parts should be flexible.

3. Connect to a three-phase four-wire 50-Hz, 380-volt power supply.

4. Insert the plug of the button box into the socket.

5. Turn on the power switch, the indicator light should be on, and the servo motor of the signal device should be turned counterclockwise (as viewed from the working position).

6. Press the switch on the manual control box to the "on" position and press the "Pend" button, the main motor should rotate (at this time, if the pendulum is found to rotate clockwise, it should stop and change the power phase), electromagnetic clutch It should be closed, the power should be transmitted to the damping lever, and the micro switch should be in a relaxed state. At this time, the main motor should stop, the electromagnetic clutch should be disengaged, the safety pin extended, and the pendulum should hang on the hanging mechanism by its own weight. When an impact is required, first press the "Return Pin" button, and then press the "Impact" button. When the impact button is pressed, the valve is powered by an electromagnet, and the pendulum mechanism is lifted, and the pendulum will fall and impact. → Automatic lifting pendulum → Hang pendulum, the safety pin is extended. "Swing" button, the safety pin is retracted, the valve is powered by an electromagnet, and the hanging and swinging mechanism is pushed down to rotate, the electromagnetic clutch is engaged, the main motor is rotated, the pendulum is turned clockwise, and when it is turned to the vertical position, released Button to stop.

7. Check the air strike pointer to zero:

When the pendulum is in the vertical down static position, adjust the position of the plunger, and point the pointer to the 300 (150) J score line. After taking the pendulum and impact (without putting the impact sample), the pointer should point at the 0 score line.

8.Friction loss detection

This is a check of the energy loss caused by friction. After adjusting the positions of the hands and dials, first press the "Pend" button, take the pendulum → hanging pendulum, and then press the "return pin" button, and then press and hold the "impact" button (or the toggle switch to "Off"), Let the pendulum swing back and forth. When the pendulum reaches the highest position for the first time, quickly move the pointer back to the left extreme position of the dial by hand (be careful not to touch the needle and pendulum), and wait for the pendulum to push the pointer to the second time. After the right side of the dial, you can write down the value indicated by the pointer at this time. The difference between the two times (the first time should be zero) divided by 2 is the energy of the frictional resistance consumed by the impact pendulum during a swing. For a 300 Joule pendulum, the energy loss should not be greater than 1.5 Joules, and for a 150 Joule pendulum, the energy loss should not be greater than 0.75 Joules.

9. The span of the support and its relative position with the blade can be adjusted.

What are the operating procedures and test requirements of the impact tester?

Second, the impact test machine test requirements

1. Make specific test machine technical parameters.

2. The sample should be placed close to the support, and the pendulum blade can be hit on the side facing away from the gap. The symmetry plane of the specimen notch shall be located on the symmetry plane of the two supports, and the deviation shall not be greater than ± 0.2 mm.

3. The sample should be protected from rust during processing and storage, and the notch should be protected from scratches.

4. Before the test, check whether the pendulum run is zero. (When the pendulum hangs down freely, make the passive pointer close to the active pointer and point it at the maximum impact energy. Raise the pendulum to run, the passive pointer should indicate the zero position.) The deviation should not exceed one quarter of the minimum division value.

5. When no specific temperature is specified, the test temperature should generally be 20 ± 5 ° C.

6. The accuracy of the measuring tool used to check the sample size during the test shall not be less than 0.02 mm. When the cross-sectional dimension at the bottom of the sample notch is within the specified deviation range, the aKV value can be calculated using the nominal dimension.

Updated: 2019-11-18
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