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Maintenance method of metal tensile testing machine

The maintenance method of metal tensile testing machine has the following points

1. Before the test, the system must be warmed up for more than 20 minutes to minimize the temperature effect;

2.The buffer oil should be kept clean. When the oil level is less than two thirds of the barrel depth, it should be replaced immediately.

3. Before starting, check whether the frictional active part should be filled with lubricant;

4. Before pulling the test piece, the metal tensile testing machine must hold the brake handle and release it after adding the test piece;

5. The main bearing of the dynamometer is not allowed to refuel. The surface of the friction wheel in the gearbox must not be oiled or splashed with oil. The friction surface should be absolutely clean and the bevel block on the swing arm should not be violently impacted.

6, after the test, cut off the power, then give the test machine a surface cleaning treatment, timely protection;

7. On average, the tension machine is maintained twice a month.

Points for using a metal tensile tester

1.The metal tensile testing machine must ensure the smoothness of the gear during the application process. To prevent the dry transmission at the critical point of movement, the time will increase the wear. If too much oil is added, it will stick a lot of dust. Therefore, the cleanliness of the control room of the metal tensile testing machine is essential.

2.What are the smoothness and oil drain of the metal tensile testing machine? The gland on the base of the main body is provided with an oil injection hole, which is smooth. Through this hole, the nut is smoothed, and the screw thread of the lower jaw seat is raised and lowered.

3.The condition after use should be usually smooth to prevent wear and tear.After the main device is completed, pass the seat hole of the oil probe on the base, and use a funnel to inject oil into the oil pool. The oil depth is 30 mm. .

Updated: 2019-11-15
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