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Leeb hardness tester

The principle of the Leeb hardness tester is that the ratio of the rebound speed to the impact speed is converted into a digital signal by the electromagnetic induction coil to reflect the hardness value. When the workpiece is impacted, the elastic modulus changes due to the small or unstable workpiece, which will cause hardness Unable to display or low hardness value, it proves that the elasticity has been lost and the rebound force is absorbed by the workpiece. It mainly occurs in the measurement of hollow parts, thin plates and softer metal materials. Here are some methods to reduce the error of the Leeb hardness tester:
1. For hollow materials such as pipes, try not to hit the cross section, impact the end face, or add support in the pipe wall, but it is difficult but effective. The curved surface diameter of 20mm-100mm requires the optional curved support ring.
2. For the thickness of the thin plate should be more than 5mm (for the workpiece less than 5mm, try not to choose the Leeb hardness tester). When measuring, you should evenly apply butter on the back of the measurement to squeeze out the middle air from the tight coupling with the platform. Don't spread too much butter.
3. To ensure the smoothness of metal materials, the RA should be less than 7um. The better the surface smoothness, the higher the accuracy of the hardness value.
4. Solid core cylinder to ensure the stability of the workpiece, a small cylinder is best to add a V-shaped table.
5. When measuring Brinell hardness, efforts should be made to improve the surface roughness, weight, and coupling degree of the workpiece. If the surface roughness is poor, it is difficult to handle and the workpiece is large, it is best to choose a G-type impact device

Updated: 2019-11-1
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