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Introduction to measurement and control systems

Introduction to measurement and control systems
Microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine adopts microcomputer control combined with advanced electronic control technology to implement standardized unitized design. It has the characteristics of accurate control, high measurement accuracy, flexible configuration, easy attachment interchange, and easy after-sales service.
1. Measuring system ① Load measurement: FS0.05% high-stability, high-accuracy spoke-type tension and pressure sensor is used, with high-precision measurement and amplification system, to ensure the high accuracy of the test force.
② Deformation measurement of the sample: Through the large deformation measurement system or electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement), a 24-bit A / D conversion single-chip microcomputer acquisition system is used to control the data processing by the computer to realize the deformation measurement of the sample.
③ Beam displacement measurement: The 1000P / R high-precision photoelectric encoder and precision ball screw coaxial rotation angle are used to realize the measurement of the beam displacement (that is, the absolute displacement of the upper and lower chucks) through digital circuits.
2. Transmission control system: It adopts all-digital AC servo and high-precision AC servo motor, connected with reducer, and drives the screw to rotate and load through synchronous toothed belt to ensure high transmission efficiency, low noise, stable transmission, and guaranteed speed The accuracy is within ± 1% of the indicated value.
3. Load frame: the guide beam is used to form the channel beam to fix the upper beam and the work surface to form the frame structure. The middle beam is driven by the screw to transfer the load. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, good stability and stable loading.
4. The data processing software package control system software is based on the Windows XP operating system platform, which has fast running speed, friendly interface, simple operation, and can meet the needs of different material test methods. Meet tensile, compression, and bending test requirements. If there are special requirements, the software can be customized. And can expand the software according to user requirements. Can meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other standards.

Updated: 2019-10-16
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