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Selection of load sensors

Load sensor selection: whether the load measurement accuracy meets or exceeds the standards of ASTM4 and ISO7500 / 1. Load sensors should also consider: range, accuracy, repeatability, offset loading error, non-linearity, stability compensation range, temperature zero drift And sensitivity. The automatic recognition, calibration and zeroing of the load sensor greatly speeds up the test process and ensures the consistency and accuracy of the data. In addition, please consider the availability of self-identification before starting the test to prevent personnel errors. The full-range regulator eliminates the need for the operator to manually adjust the range for easy operation and use. Deformation measurement of optical fiber cables, metal foils, fiber wires, plastic films, composite laminates, etc. that are difficult to measure with conventional extensometers. Video optical extensometers with optional high resolution, high accuracy, and fast image acquisition speed. It can greatly improve the work efficiency. The choice of fixtures: Successful clamping solutions require that the sample does not slide, does not cause the clip to break, and ensures the axial alignment of the applied force. In some cases, the clamping requirements are very special, and specially designed fixtures or fixtures are required to meet special test standards. Therefore, a variety of fixtures to choose from and a wide range of application experience are very important. The software and hardware high-quality electronic universal testing machine uses a brand computer, the control system software is the Windows XP operating system platform, which has fast running speed, mild interface, and simple operation Features, can meet the test and measurement needs of different materials, and can measure the physical properties of various materials according to national standards, international standards or industry standards.

Updated: 2019-10-12
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