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Is your testing machine leaking oil?

After using the hydraulic material testing machine for a period of time, the user reports that there is oil leakage. The reasons for oil leakage in the material testing machine are as follows:

1. The quality of the material testing machine's press cylinder is poor. Some subcontractors only know the size of the oil cylinder and do not understand the installation process of the oil cylinder. Therefore, after being installed on the material testing machine, there will be some tension, which will cause oil leakage.
2. Aside from the hardware reasons of the material testing machine, human factors can be considered, ps. Many of the small faults of the material testing machine are caused by improper operation, and the other is less maintenance. When the oil leaks, you can detect whether there is overload or other improper behavior during the experiment.
3. Poor quality of the oil seal will also cause oil leakage, which will break after a period of use. It is recommended to use intermittently sealed oil cylinders. At present, all Jinan testing machine factories use intermittently sealed oil cylinders.

Updated: 2019-9-25
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