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How to use ring stiffness tester correctly

The ring stiffness tester is widely used to determine the ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes and glass steel pipes with a circular cross-section. It meets the requirements of PE double-wall corrugated pipes, wound pipes and various pipe standards. Tests for flatness, bending, and tensile welding. With button speed adjustment, digital display of test force displacement, with peak hold, automatic stop for damage, automatic protection for over-current and overload. After you buy the equipment, you must first understand its correct use and the routine maintenance of the equipment to make the equipment work more smoothly. Below we share the correct use of the ring stiffness testing machine and the routine maintenance of the equipment. Help from users.

Correct use method of ring stiffness tester and routine maintenance of the equipment

First, the correct use of ring stiffness testing machine

1. The chuck of the ring stiffness tester should have sufficient hardness.

2. The positions of the two chucks should ensure that the axis of the test sample coincides with the axis of torsion. During the test, the special test machine for ring stiffness must not hinder the change in length between the chucks caused by the sample.

3. One of the two chucks must not have any rotation, but it can move freely in the axial direction, and the other can only rotate around the sample axis.

4. The chuck that can move freely in the axial direction must have a tension-like booster.

5. The speed of the ring stiffness testing machine should be adjustable, and there should be a device to measure the torsional speed, the number of torsions, and a scale to measure the length of the gauge distance between the two chucks.

Correct use method of ring stiffness tester and routine maintenance of the equipment

Second, the daily maintenance of the ring stiffness tester

1. Always keep the ring stiffness tester equipment and computer clean and hygienic.

2. Prevent high temperature, excessive humidity, dust, corrosive media, and water from entering the machine or computer.

3. Regular inspection to maintain the integrity of parts and components.

4, pay attention to rust-proof parts or long-term accessories, such as fixtures, latches, etc. coated with rust-proof oil.

5. The ring stiffness tester should keep the jaws of the fixture or the relatively sliding surface of the fixture clean to avoid bumps. After making a batch of samples, the debris left in the jaws should be cleaned in time. If the teeth of the jaws are blocked, use a steel brush dipped in gasoline to clean them, and do not use hard tools for cleaning.

6. Pay attention to applying anti-rust oil to the surface of the light bar every 3 months.

Updated: 2019-9-16
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