Notes on scientific progress of tensile testing machine

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29 Dec 2015

With the rapid development of science and technology, various types of new materials have emerged endlessly. How to apply materials reasonably, safely, and efficiently is a very important task. Driven by this environment, the material testing machine industry has also made great progress in recent years. Various new technologies and new schemes have been widely used in the field of testing machines, so the performance of tensile testing machines has been greatly improved, and the field of use has also been greatly expanded than in the past.

If the tensile testing machine industry is to achieve healthy development, it must focus on technological innovation and master key technologies in the future. In the future, the test objects of tensile testing machines will expand from materials and components to complete machines, vehicles, systems, major facilities and various engineering projects.

The company's central laboratory, quality inspection department, production site, and construction site of the project will also gradually apply tensile testing machines. The continuous, real-time and automated experimental methods become a trend, and the experimental theory will continue to improve to guide technological innovation.


Prospect analysis of impact testing machine

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29 Dec 2015

The 21st century is the industrial era when the economy broke out, and more and more products are being moved into laboratories.

Analysis of the demand and prospects of hot and cold shock testing machinesWith the gradual increase in the demand for environmental testing equipment in electric power, telecommunications, coal mines, aviation, quality inspection, scientific research, universities and other industries, China's cold and hot shock testing machines are no matter in number and quality All have met the development of various industries, and promoted the development of instrumentation and machinery industries.

In response to this kind of phenomenon, people in the industry made the following analysis of the cold and hot shock testing machine industry: First, everyone's change in demand: On the one hand, energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction and low-carbon economy have become China's national policy, showing a number of high-speed Carry out a new type of property.

The environmental testing industry must not only maintain a steady and steady momentum, but also comply with new development trends. Only by developing new products from time to time can we achieve faster development.


World Love Eyes Day

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6 Jun 2014

1. Repost the collection of this Weibo and get rid of 8 bad habits

2. Pay attention to nutrition and eat more fresh vegetables
3. Avoid reading books and newspapers in cars, places with insufficient light or strong light
4. Avoid using unclean towels or public face washing equipment to prevent infection
5. Do eye exercises often
6. Make regular visual inspections, and promptly treat any problems found
7. Pay attention to makeup hygiene.

How difficult it is not to red light

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4 Jun 2014

I find it difficult in China. Of course, the red light is wrong and unsafe! But many, many times do not rush through! Wuhan Hanyang Urban Management recently introduced new measures against the uncivilized behavior of "crossing the red light". After pedestrians were found crossing the road, they no longer have to pay a 10 yuan penalty. Instead, they must be "on duty" for the city appearance supervisor until they catch the next Pedestrians who cross the road illegally can be "laid off."
According to the person in charge of the Urban Management Committee of Hanyang District, Wuhan City, in order to ensure pedestrian safety, the urban management department arranged city appearance supervisors to be on the main road crossings, and at the same time corrected the phenomenon of pedestrians crossing the red light. According to relevant management regulations, the city appearance supervisor can impose a fine of 10 yuan on offenders. In the process of execution, many pedestrians crossing the red light contradicted the fines, so it was easy to cause trouble and onlookers.

Do you still go to Xinjiang?

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28 May 2014

Xinjiang is beautiful, Xinjiang people are good, and terrorist attacks happen by accident in Xinjiang!
Xinjiang is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, and the three north, south, and middle passages of the ancient Silk Road have passed through it. It is China's gate and window that opens to the west. As a province with abundant tourist resources in China, Xinjiang has more than 1,100 scenic spots, ranking first in the country, attracting many mainland tourists and overseas tourists mainly from Central and Western Asia to come for sightseeing trips. Data show that Xinjiang ’s tourism industry continued to develop rapidly and healthily in 2013, with total tourism revenue increasing by 17% year-on-year, and receiving domestic and foreign tourists for the first time exceeded 50 million. However, the violent terrorist incidents that have occurred this year have cast a shadow on the Xinjiang tourism market that should have entered the peak season. Inam Nasirdin, director of the Tourism Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, told reporters: "In recent times, the number of tourists we have received has decreased by about 40% compared with the same period last year. Winter skiing and skating in Xinjiang are particularly many. It was the violent terrorist incidents that occurred in Kunming, Yunnan, and Xinjiang in March that greatly affected Xinjiang ’s tourism, and a large number of people were temporarily deferred to Xinjiang. ”

The significance of Weibo

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27 May 2014

Weibo is a social tool, but Weibo seems more media-oriented! Because there are so many big vs, anyone seems to be posting personal news or company news in a word! Social? How to socialize with those people, Ren Zhiqiang only plays with Pan Shiyi! Liu Chun only teases Kong Ergou!
What's the point of playing Weibo? Many people think that tweeting or watching Weibo is all about playing Weibo. In fact, valuable connections and interactions are the core of Weibo social networking. First of all, you have to consider both the review and the original, so that others realize that paying attention to you is valuable. Secondly, it is necessary to form a circle group with common values and points of interest. Finally, the online impression needs to be transformed into a realistic interactive experience. Offline contacts can strengthen online friendship

Another year of graduation season and another year of tourism season

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22 May 2014

Gap year seems to be very popular in China now, but the social welfare is not so good and cannot be achieved in the year. The month is a great opportunity! So the graduation season is also the tourist season. It seems that many years of prisoners have finally been released. Various summer vacations go to Lijiang, summer vacations to Tibet, and summer vacations to Madai. It seems as if I have graduated and gone out to play for a few months, this industry is white! Why didn't everyone think about returning home to spend time with their parents? Especially for foreign students, you will always be busy, poor and have no time and money to join the work after graduation from university. Why not go home and see your parents and accompany them now? I despise those who dig out of their pockets to travel, and I despise those who have nowhere to study and nowhere to stay and just want to play!

What did you feel about the hammer phone conference

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21 May 2014

When we talked about the phone conference, did you think you were talking about phone configuration, phone design? We are talking about feelings!

A former "English school principal" who has nothing to do with technology and hardware, can spend two years to create a product that "kills all Android phones in the market" and "overtakes Apple"? The mobile phone circle is too good to mix ... When can anyone make a mobile phone? The star has a fan machine, the teacher has a hammer machine!
Forward Weibo supporters:
Yesterday, Luo Yonghao's hammer phone was released. I would like to make a few observations. The first product positioning is that there are people who buy mobile phones at about three thousand yuan. They still have feelings. There are a lot of online bookings. Now, talking about mobile phones is useless, and a lot of ecological chains are designed in the back. The third supply chain management, Luo's repeated bouncing, may foretell the lack of ability in supply chain management, and finally express my opinion, I buy A hammer!

Chinese charter charter assists Chinese citizens in evacuating Vietnam

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20 May 2014

China launched an operation to take back Chinese personnel from Vietnam on Monday, although a Vietnamese official said that almost all foreign factories damaged during the anti-China riots near Ho Chi Minh City have resumed normal operations.
Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency said on Monday that the first of the four passenger ships dispatched by China had left the port of Ho Ching Province, Vietnam, and received 989 Chinese personnel from Vietnam.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in Beijing on Monday that Vietnam ’s security situation has deteriorated and China has demanded that the ASEAN side adhere to its neutral stance and refrain from intervening in disputes.
Hong Lei reiterated the announcement issued on Sunday, saying that the Chinese side has raised the level of safety tips for Chinese citizens to travel to Vietnam, adjusted it to "Do not go temporarily", and suspended some bilateral exchange plans.

You violated 16

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19 May 2014

On April 26, the four American dramas "Big Bang", "A Wonderful Wife", "Navy Crime Investigation Office" and "The Lawyer's True Colors" were collectively removed from the video website, but the reasons have not been disclosed. Recently, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (hereinafter referred to as the "General Administration") responded to an application for the disclosure of information of students from the Law School of Wuhan University, stating that US TV dramas were removed from shelves because of no copyright or because they did not meet the requirements of the "Administrative Regulations on Internet Audiovisual Program Services". The contents of Article 16. Last night, the person in charge of the relevant video website said in an interview with the Jinghua Times that, including the US dramas that have been taken down, all the episodes on the line have obtained copyright.

On March 19, the General Administration issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Network Audiovisual Programs, such as Network Dramas and Micro-Movies", which opened the prelude to strengthening the management of network programs and drama series. On April 26, the four American dramas "Big Bang", "A Wonderful Wife", "Navy Crime Investigation Office" and "The Lawyer's True Colors" were collectively removed from the video website. At the time, the video website stated that it had received a notice from the General Administration of China requesting the series to be removed. The specific reasons were not explained. In response, Wuhan University School of Law students applied to the General Administration for information disclosure on the reasons and legal basis for banning 4 American dramas, and received a response recently. The State Administration said in its reply that "Several American dramas such as" A Wonderful Wife ", some have no copyright and some do not meet the" Internet Audiovisual Program Service Management Regulations "(formerly the Ministry of Information Industry of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television No. 56) Content. "


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